Mazda2 (Sedan with the colour of Soul Red Metalic on left and Hatch with the colour of Gun Metal Blue Mica on right)

Mazda2 logo Go somewhere you'd rather be

Go somewhere you'd rather be

Now available in hatch and sedan, Mazda2 brings chic style, energetic performance, smart safety plus all the connectivity you can imagine.

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Mazda2 (Sedan with the colour of Dynamic Blue Mica on left and Hatch with the colour of Aluminium Metalic on right)
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There’s plenty more, keep exploring to see Mazda2 in 360°.

Mazda2 exterior
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Mazda2 sedan (Side View) with the colour of Aluminium Metalic
Mazda2 hatch (Side View) with the colour of Dynamic Blue Mica

Live with expression

Live with expression

Inspired by design that captures the moment energy becomes motion, the chic hatch and stylish sedan of Mazda2 is a burst of energy made for the road.

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Enjoy the finer details

The energetic look continues inside the elegant cabin that’s designed for comfort and more intuitive control.

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Connect with the world

The sleek 7-inch screen* lets you call your friends, hear a tweet, or change your tunes without taking your hands off the wheel. *Maxx and Genki only.

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  • Connect

    Connect your compatible smartphone via Bluetooth® and it’s all there. MZD Connect* hooks up to your music, contacts and social networks – receive texts, make calls, check tweets and your Facebook newsfeed.

  • Control

    Control is effortless with touchscreen, voice command, or the multi-function commander. So tweak away and set up the navigation, sound, display and settings all from the interface.

  • Entertain

    Listen to all your Pandora® stations. Never miss any eps from your favourite Stitcher podcasts and enjoy all the freshest web content straight from Aha.

  • Personalise

    Make it yours. MZD Connect remembers the things you like, so personalise it with your stations, contacts and regular trips. It even lets you set service reminders so you never lose the Zoom-Zoom in your Mazda2.

Black Mica Mazda2
  • Start/Stop button

    Now you’re ready to move at the touch of a button. Just press start to take off for the world. Press stop when you get there.

  • i-stop

    Saves you extra fuel by switching off the engine when you come to a halt and re-starting instantly when you take off again. Maxx and Genki only.

  • Fuel economy

    The 6-speed automatic transmission when matched with i-stop, gets you an exceptional 4.9 litres every 100km* with no loss of oomph when you press the pedal. *Based on ADR 81/02 test results.

  • Active Driving Display*

    Helps you keep your attention on the road. A clear screen above the instrument pod projects vehicle speed, turn-by-turn navigation cues and more. *Genki only.

Feel the rush

Feel the rush

Mazda2 cuts down on fuel use and lowers emissions without taking away any of the fun stuff.

  • Mazda2 SKYACTIV Chassis

    SKYACTIV-CHASSIS New Generation Design

    Every component has been optimised to build a sense of ‘oneness’ between the car and you. Electric power-assisted steering saves fuel, and also delivers quick handling underpinned by reassuring stability.

  • Mazda2 SKYACTIV Engine

    SKYACTIV-G 1.5L Petrol Engine (High-Spec)

    The SKYACTIV-G 1.5 litre petrol engine is lightweight and lowers fuel consumption. The high-spec engine in Maxx and Genki models use i-stop to save extra fuel by switching off the engine when you come to a standstill, re-starting instantly as required. As little as 4.9 litres of fuel is used every 100km when matched to the 6-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission.

  • Mazda2 SKYACTIV Transmission

    SKYACTIV-DRIVE Automatic Transmission

    The 6-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission delivers quick and smooth shifts you’ll feel in every rev. It couples directly with the engine over a far wider range than other automatics for increased fuel economy and more direct power delivery.

Aluminium Metallic Mazda2
  • Reverse Camera

    The reverse camera makes reversing and parking easier, giving you a detailed view of what’s behind on the 7-inch screen on your dashboard. Standard on Maxx and Genki only.

  • Rain sensing wipers*

    When it detects rain on the windscreen, Mazda2 activates the front wipers without you needing to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. *Standard on Genki only.

  • Smart City Brake Support

    SCBS is an intuitive feature that monitors the vehicle in front to assess if a collision is likely. If it detects risk, it primes the brakes and can even brake automatically if you don’t. Optional across all grades.

  • Rear Parking Sensors

    Smart parking sensors fitted at the rear help prevent damage by sounding a warning when your car nears an obstacle. Standard across all grades.

Take off with confidence

Take off with confidence

Advanced safety in Mazda2 protects you with super smart features and intuitive alerts.

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Make it personal

Whether you choose a hatch or sedan, you can show the world what suits you best with these fabulously crafted details.

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Feel the joy that Zoom-Zoom brings

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